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100% Online Legal Meetings

We are able to meet you over Zoom, be in the safety of your home whilst meeting one of our lawyers.

Our Legal Expertise

We are able to assist you with over 16 areas of law. See the list.

BMS LAW LLC Legal Services

Have a look at some of the most common legal services that are in demand all year round. Our lawyers are ready at a moments notice to assist you.

We can assist you with a wide range of civil law matters such as claims, landlord tenant, arbitration and more.

We can handle all types of criminal law matters such as drug offences, capital offences and more.

We can assist you with any type of family law matter, such as divorce, financial agreements, property orders and more.

We can assist with winding up a deceased's estate, obtaining probate on behalf of beneficiaries and handling complex contested estate matters.

Fact: most people refer to family law lawyers as divorce lawyers.

Family Law

Advising you

We understand the complexities that surround a family. We are all individuals who have families as well. Let us explain to you the options so you may decide what's best for your family.

Mediation Conferences

It is very difficult to sit across from your ex-partner or ex-spouse. We know that emotions are high and that tensions are even higher. Let us guide you through the court process to ensure you have an outcome you can live with, without compromising more than necessary.

Various Court Orders

Most of the time a family dispute can be settled through an Order of Court. We are able to advise you on the appropriate order necessary in your unique circumstances, and ensure that you and your family know the implications, obligations, and consequences of such court orders.

Fact: most civil law claims are settled before trial.

Commencing Legal Action

After you have consulted with us and we establish that you have a cause of action, we will commence legal proceedings on your behalf.

Legal Representation

If you have received a letter of demand from someone, we are able to advise you on a recommended response, and respond on your behalf. If the matter escalates, assisting you in court.

Out of Court Settlement

Most of the time a civil law matter is resolved by out of court settlement between the disputed parties involved. We can best advise you on the potential outcome of such settlements, and assist with obtaining an outcome you can be happy with.

Civil Litigation

Fact: most people refer to criminal law lawyers as defense attorneys

Criminal Law

Applying for Bail

We have helped many clients with their bail applications. Do not waste your chance of obtaining bail, let us apply for bail for you.

Trial Representation

We represent clients who have been charged with very serious offences such as capital offences. We fight hard for our client and do not rest until we achieve the best outcome for our client.


Most people who believe their case was unfairly determined, will try to appeal to a higher court. We can assist you by preparing your appeal and representing you in Court. Our many years of experience appealing first instance cases will prove helpful and beneficial to you.

Fact: intestate means a person died without having made a will.

Deceased Estates

Executors, Beneficiaries

We have helped many families with contested deceased estates. When money is involved, families may fight bitterly to get the largest share. We represented various parties such as executors and beneficiaries to such instances. We have also assisted families where there has been peaceful acceptance of respective shares in accordance to the deceased's wishes.

Winding Up Deceased's Estate

We have had the privilege of winding up some very large estates with assets spanning over multiple countries, and beneficiaries who reside in various places around the world. As a cross-border law firm, we are familiar with the laws of multiple jurisdictions.

Court Orders

We have assisted clients with applying for and responding to, on behalf of our clients, to various court orders that relate to deceased estates and its interested parties. Let us resolve your family feud with sensible terms that are acceptable to you, and all interested parties.

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