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incorporating Bachoo Mohan Singh Law Practice

​Our firm's rich history begins in 1972 where our Principal Mr BM Singh graduated with a B.Laws with honours from University of Singapore. Mr Singh was then offered a position at L A J Smith. Soon after being admitted to practice in around 1973, Mr Singh was provided an opportunity to act as counsel for the Respondent in Singapore Pak Hock Pai Athletic Association v Yiu Pek Heng (1973) SGCA 8 which was heard in the Singapore Court of Appeal, the Apex Court of Singapore.


A couple of years later, Mr Singh started his own law practice B Mohan Singh & Co. In around 1977, Mr Singh acted as counsel for the Appellant in Malayan Plant (Pte) Ltd v Moscow Narodny Bank Ltd (1978) SGCA 11 which was also heard in the Singapore Court of Appeal.​

Many years went by as Mr Singh continued practising under his own name and assisting clients in many Singapore High Court and Court of Appeal cases. 


Mr Singh then worked as a consultant at the following law firms:

  • In around 1997 Chung, Tan & Partners 

  • In around 2000-2010, K K Yap & Partners and Veritas Law Corporation


Mr Singh was admitted to practise law in State of New South Wales, State of Western Australia and the High Court of Australia in around 2004. Mr Singh then started his Australian law practice Bachoo Mohan Singh - Barrister and Solicitor. In 2011, Mr Singh acted as counsel in Fletcher v St George Bank (2011) WASC 277 which was heard in the Supreme Court of Western Australia. ​​

In around 2016 Mr Singh started practising in Singapore under Bachoo Mohan Singh Law Practice. Within a short period of time Mr Singh incorporated his Singapore law firm into BMS LAW LLC. In 2018, in order to maintain brand consistency across Australia and Singapore law practices, Australia's law practice was renamed to BMS LAW. 


From June 2018, BMS LAW LLC (Singapore) and BMS LAW (Australia) can proudly say that we have represented clients in more than 35 cases heard before: The High Court of Singapore, The Singapore Court of Appeal, and The Supreme Court of Western Australia. ​

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