It can be very difficult to run a small business, a company, or some other entity. Modern society has many rules in place that everyone must follow in order to avoid getting into trouble with the authorities. Two examples could be the need to keep up with annual training of employees to meet certain statutory requirements and annual licence re-registration, which applies to many professionals such as accountants, lawyers, and so on.


These rules might have been created to benefit society. But the truth is, being human, we do tend to forget and put off doing such routine, but necessary tasks.


Our firm is able to provide a wide range of legal services that assist for-profit businesses and not-for-profit organisations.


We have assisted many clients by providing them with real solutions that enable them to continue forward with what they love doing. Let us help you with your business so that you can work and profit without complications.




  • We are able to assist with registering and setting up various entities such as:

    • Partnerships

    • Companies

    • Not-for-profit organisations

    • Charities


  • We are able to assist with drafting work not limited to the following:

    • Partnership agreements for various types of partnership circumstances that range from simple to complex.

    • Constitutions for various types of companies, not-for-profit organisations and charities.

    • Heads of agreement for transfer of commercial property

    • Franchisor and franchisee agreements

    • Contract for the sale of a business


Things to think about when deciding whether to start a for-profit or not-for-profit entity:

  • Is the purpose of starting an entity to make profit?

  • Will the entity be receiving any form of financial assistance from the public?

  • Will there be any fundraising activity?

  • Is the entity for a good cause, such as providing aid to homeless people, HIV-affected people, diabetes research etc?


Doing business the right way requires a lot of research and understanding if we want to avoid complications down the track. As a firm with 45 years practice experience in-house, we are able to assist you in business. Please contact us at or call (08)63890270

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