Subject to certain exceptions, many decisions, actions or inactions taken by public servants are reviewable. Decision-makers can make decisions unfairly, irrationally, illogically and so on.


Fortunately, there might be a way for the decision/action/inaction to be reviewed by a State/ Federal court or tribunal and possibly an Ombudsman service.

We are able to assist you with difficult administrative law matters.


Notable case where we acted as solicitors on record and counsel for the Applicant:

El Khouri v Attorney-General [2018] FCA 1488: EXTRADITION – urgent application seeking, relevantly, to restrain the respondent from taking further action in relation to the extradition of the applicant – application resisted on jurisdictional and other grounds – where the Court lacks jurisdiction pursuant to s 39B(1C) of the Judiciary Act 1903 (Cth) – where, even were there no want of jurisdiction, the applicant failed to establish a prima facie case


  • We are able to advise you on whether a decision is reviewable.


  • We are able to assist you with commencing an action before a State/ Federal court or tribunal

If you feel that you are victim to an unfair decision, irrational decision or just do not agree with a decision/action/inaction that has been passed by a public servant, please email us at or call us (08)63890270

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